Ram & McRae

Corporate Legal Services​

The Firm offers speedy and reliable service in business registration, company formation and liquidation. Our in-house legal consultants assist companies in the preparation and filing of all statutory documents and returns to ensure compliance with local regulations.

We can act as Company Secretary and legal representative and our professionals are available to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of the Companies’ Act and other relevant business legislation.

Our Corporate Legal Department also provides consultation on industrial relations matters including but not limited to union negotiations and employee benefit and compensation arrangements.

We specialize in structuring and preparation of contracts and agreements so that our clients derive maximum advantage from commercial transactions.

We can advise you on every aspect of company formation and prepare and file your articles of incorporation. You concentrate on the right start for your business.

In order to carry on business in Guyana a company formed under the laws of another jurisdiction is required to register as an external company.

We can prepare all the necessary documentation and effect the registration of your company. You focus on expanding your business.

Every company formed prior to May 25, 1995 under the Companies Ordinance 1864 or 1898 or the Companies Act, Cap. 89:01 was required to file articles of continuance in order to comply with the provisions of the new Companies Act.

Any former-act company which has not filed articles of continuance to date will have to be dissolved and re-incorporated under the newt act.

We can advise on and effect the re-organisation of your company. You reinvent your business.

We can advise on and effect the winding up of your company.

Advice on taxation and business legislation

We formulate tax strategies to help companies and individuals take maximum advantage statutory provisions.

We can also advise on business legislation including the termination of employment, industrial relations and compensation arrangements.


We are the only source of fully updated tax and business legislation.

We can prepare and structure contracts and agreements to ensure that our clients derive maximum advantage from commercial transactions.

We can act as company secretary. The Companies Act 1991 requires a company to prepare and maintain a number of registers and records and company with numerous administrative requirements.

We eliminate compliance headaches. You run your business.